EPAGON Pictures activates in both production and visual effects of feature films. Below, you will find our current developed or under-development projects. For cases of non-disclosure, some of them are not listed or are presented with limitations in regards to their stories, crew etc. More information on each project will become available on individual websites.


As Earth braces for an unknown cataclysmic event, Kallion Walker returns to life with an 'alien' personality that slowly overrides his entire identity. His thirst for answers leads to seemingly impossible questions.

Once the brunt of the cataclysmic event hits, he discovers that the planet’s fate is nothing more than collateral to a horrifying chain of events in an ancient, losing war. And the only hope lies within his rising ‘alien’ identity, which is nothing more than a fraction of his own psyche from an alternate Earth universe gone rogue.

Falling into the ‘enemy of my enemy is my friend’, Kallion enters an adversarial alliance with a powerful, forsaken Exemplar who seeks nothing more than to save her own self. In doing so, they both begin to suspect a distant, yet obscure past between them. One that crossed through the ages of a dark, apocalyptic war; against which there can be no safe haven. Not for him, not for humanity.

It is that moment that Kallion realizes that the answer to salvation transcends not only universes, but even death itself.

STATUS UPDATE: Mortal Guard Eternae is the first, blockbuster level feature film of an extended trilogy that includes bridge TV series between theatrical releases. As the pioneer of a massive, epic storyline, Eternae is planned for principal photography in the city of Toronto and will be presented at one of the private parties at TIFF 2017. More details to be released through our official Facebook page and the Updates section of our website.


"The Battle for Nemesis" Experimental Theme - Composed by Vassilis Kontodimas.


Tubular Romance is a Romantic Comedy with strong Science Fiction elements. It is based on a real invented technology capable of forever altering the face of transportation on our planet. The actual inventor, Robert Fallin happens to also be the man behind the story .


An outspoken American public relations agent and a beautiful Chinese executive discover themselves as they traverse Europe and Asia to sell a radically new transportation system to a skeptical West.

This project is currently set to be a co-production between HYPERTUBE Productions & EPAGON Pictures.


© 2015 "Li" by Cristian Parras All rights reserved.


No matter how humanity evolves as a species, nature will always hold secrets that will either fascinate or terrify us. Especially when we seek to uncover some of them, the result are not what we thought they will be. Bearing some of the most experienced feature film industry professionals, Cryptids is a project slated for co-production between Small Media Extra Large, Michele Mulkey FX Studios and EPAGON Pictures.


A reality tv show crew sets off to the secluded and majestic mountains of Perry County, Pennsylvania, on a quest to come face to face with one of the greatest legends that has been recorded all over the world. But as they will soon come to realize, some legends are never meant to be discovered.